Stella and the Starcells book coverStella and the Starcells

Stella is a cool kid who loves to learn and help others. When the Starcells visit her in a dream, she sets off on an amazing adventure that will teach her to see the magic in everything. This soulful story introduces children to the wonder of mind-body awareness and wholeness and the interconnectedness of all living things. Enchanting illustrations envelop young readers into the magical world of the Starcells. Let the journey begin!

Stella and the Starcells is available now. For every copy of this book purchased, the author will donate a copy to a children’s hospital.

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Listen to the Starcells Healing Meditation

The Starcells Healing Meditation is soothing music, with a guided meditation voice-over, designed with the attention span of a child in mind. A relaxation and visualization tool to help the child picture their “Starcells” and make them grow brighter. May your Starcells always be bright!